Last night at the concert this bitch girl told her friend, loud enough so I could hear, that I was wearing too much makeup…All I had on was eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and some concealer to cover up some redness, and I fixed my eyebrows.
I then turn and look at her and she has on bright ass blue eyeliner on with yellow eyeshadow and nothing else. Well ya if you call mascara and my having my eyebrows looking amazing than ya I have “alot” of makeup on. Yet 99% of people won’t even think I’m wearing makeup half the time.
I also heard her say “why would you be wearing fake eyelashes to a concert? !” Well one, I wasn’t I have naturally really long and full lashes, and the mascara I use makes them look fake, and two if I wanted to wear them I would! You’re like 19, just shut up and stop being a bitch before I turn around and smack you.
Not my fault you you thinking wearing mascara is too much makeup lol

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Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
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The most important

I hate having a dream about someone and not being able to tell them because he only wants to be your fuck buddy and you don’t wanna freak him out by saying you had a dream about him and telling him it was about you two going to a wedding together and our families meeting and all that.
So I guess if I tell him I’ll just say we had sex…lol